Saturday, January 21, 2012

The PJ Show, Episode 2, Part 2

The PJ Show, Episode 2: My Top 11 Fav (part II) is now available.

continued... Paul goes on to finish his top 11 fav Pearl Jam songs of all time + Bonus....
....but wait, where is Chad's list?


  1. the songs you choose are great! these are mine

    my fav 11:

    Jeremy (ten)
    Daughter (vs.)
    Nothingman (vitalogy)
    Present Tense (no code)
    Faithful (yield)
    Light Years (binaural)
    All Or None (riot act)
    Sad (lost dogs 1)
    Strangest Tribe (lost dogs 2)
    Come Back (pearl jam)
    Unthought Known (backspacer)

  2. Disagree on a lot of the tunes picked, but like you said. Agree to disagree! Also showing off your vinyl would make younger fans drool!