Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mike on Michael

Pearl Jam Calgary, Canada 9-21-2011
Last night, Mike McCready attended the Las Vegas premiere of MJ the Immortal, a Cirque du Soleil homage to Michael Jackson.  Here is what he had to say according to Central Florida's News 13.
ALLISON WALKER: How has Michael’s music affected you and the music you put out?
MIKE MCCREADY: In terms of Michael Jackson’s music, it has affected me – it’s certainly an emotional, beautiful type of music that I’ve always kind of gravitated toward. His voice is fantastic. I’ve always loved the Jackson 5 when they had the TV show on as a kid. We, as a band – as Pearl Jam – have covered a song called Someday at Christmas that Eddie [Vedder] was very into as a young boy, so we love him. We love his music. 
ALLISON WALKER: Do you come to Orlando ever?
MIKE MCCREADY: We will. I promise you we’ll come back. I promise. We have not been to the south for a while. We need to get back there. I promise you we’ll do that.