Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pearl Jam in 3-D!

Pearl Jam Toronto, Canada  9-11-2011

Organizers of the the Isle of Wight Festival have announced that they intend to broadcast the festival in 3-D.  Upgrade your televisions now.
Yes, Bruce Springsteen is in 3-D when you see him live in concert, but on TV he’s usually in the same boring old two dimensions as everything else on TV. But not so this June, when the Isle of Wight festival — which Springsteen is headlining along with Pearl Jam and Tom Petty — broadcasts in glorious 3-D (through your 3-D compatible TV set, natch).

The Isle of Wight Festival is set to receive the three dimensional treatment this year after Sky Arts announced that it would broadcast the event in 3D.

It means you’ll be able to see the likes of Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen up close and personal, who are set to headline the festival in June.
And has a more detailed rundown of what the process will entail:
Green wants to use the festivals to expand the language of 3D. In capturing the festival experience, she wants to convey the size of the crowd with expansive wide shots, but also plans to use close-ups to capture the intimacy of some aspects of the performances.

“Historically, with any new format, it’s very much keeping things basic, which would mean sitting back and lingering on wide shots,” she says. “We want to break the rules to keep the music coverage as exciting as possible – to deliver the kind of festival coverage people expect, but with the layer of 3D.”
Currently broadcast is only scheduled for Sky Arts 1 and Sky 3D in the U.K., but after lugging all that equipment there I can’t imagine it won’t be broadcast in the States as well. More to come!