Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder Collaboration Coming Soon?

Time Out from Sydney has a great article about the friendship formed between Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard.  Buried down there in the last paragraph is a very juicy tidbit about a future release.
By 2012, Hansard and Vedder had become close. The elder rocker invited Hansard to open his solo American tour – right in time for the release of Hansard’s own solo debut, 2012’s Rhythm and Repose, an album of achingly intimate, all-but-hushed ballads. He cites their Austin tour-stop as a major highlight, not because of the gig so much as the downtime. “We spent three nights there, which was really exctin’ for someone like me or Eddie who travels all the time, to just be still for a bit.” He and Vedder even found time to record a few tunes together which they’ll polish and release later this year.