Monday, January 7, 2013

Test Pearl Jam's Ticketing System = Win Stuff

Pearl Jam Calgary, Canada 9-21-2011

In what may possibly be a huge hint of a 2013, the Ten Club has upgraded the system for determining which members get tickets to shows to include integration into, a "My Tickets" section to view the status of the drawing, and the ability to edit your choices prior to the deadline.

As a test, Pearl Jam has created two shows, the Pearl Jam Interplanetary Tour and the Eddie Vedder Tour to Nowhere.  By signing up for shows, you have a chance to win cool merchandise.  The rules state that one winner from each show (4 shows from both tours) will win one of the items listed below.  By our estimation, that means you should "buy" a ticket to all 8 shows so you can have the best chance of winning, so follow the instructions in this video, and buy some tickets.  Deadline to enter is Monday, January 14th at 10am PT.

Here are the prizes!
  • Mad Season re-issue 10" on purple vinyl (1 winner)
  • PJ20 12" on colored vinyl (2 winners)
  • Patagonia Refugio Backpack (2 winners)
  • Benaroya Hall Boxed Set (2 winners)
  • Backspacer 12" on white vinyl (1 winner)