Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pre-Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder Demos..or Much Ado About Nothing

The rumor mill was churning yesterday. as Antiquiet Magazine tweeted that they have something to share with Pearl Jam fans. Antiquiet is no stranger to breaking Pearl Jam news. They were all over Backspacer news in the summer of 2009, giving us a first glimpse of the track list and even managed to smuggle a recording of The Fixer from the Target commercial shoot.

In typical fashion, the speculation was rampant. Pearl Jam recently announced two shows in July, one at Chicago's Wrigley Field. They've also been "half-way done" with the follow up to Backspacer for what seems like forever.  Keyboard warriors around the globe became like little kids in the weeks before Christmas. Could it be a new song? Perhaps the lead single to the new album? Maybe an actual tour announcement to go with the shows booked in July? Someone even suggested it could be a recording of Eddie Vedder's techno experiments from the early aughts. 

But we were all so very wrong. Here's what Antiquiet had to say today.
It’s been a long time since anything “new” has surfaced, but Antiquiet recently came into possession of a direct copy of a tape that Eddie dubbed for a co-worker at his old job at San Diego Petroleum, somewhere in range of late 1989 or early 1990. On it we found thirteen tracks, including a couple entirely “new” recordings (to the PJ fanbase at least), a few familiar ones, and most substantially, far more listenable dubs of both 1989 Bad Radio demos.
Check out the demos. If you're interested enough to listen to these then you've probably heard most of them. But the quality is an upgrade and there are a few cuts that will be new to your ears.  Maybe it'll help kill some time before we hear something that's actually new.