Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grammy Camp with Dave Krusen

Did you know that The Grammy Foundation sponsors a camp in Los Angeles and New York that gives high school kids a chance to write, record, and perform their own original music with help from professional musicians?  I didn't either, but it's true, and a former Pearl Jam drummer is one of the instructors.

Those who oppose art and music programs in schools argue that budgeting and financials strain are the reasons these programs are eliminated, what are your thoughts on this issue? 
I think people take music for granted these days, they down load songs and don’t want to pay for anything, yet its such an important part of everyone’s life. It’s ironic because so many people grew up playing instruments, because band was such a big deal, and all of a sudden it’s like, “I want my kid into sports, there’s no career in music.” But a career in sports is much shorter, you can play music your entire life and even if you’re not making a giant living from it, you can still get so much fulfillment from it. I don’t understand why the focus is on sports, because even if you make a living at sports, it’s not a long career.
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