Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mike McCready: Busy Man

Well, since we found out this week that it could be almost a FULL @#$%ING YEAR until we get a new Pearl Jam album, you might ask yourself, "what the heck are these guys doing?"  One member of the band is particularly busy.

Pearl Jam Mexico City, Mexico 11-24-11

Though Mike, himself, is not tweeting about his work, his friend, Barrett Martin (drummer for Walking Papers, Screaming Trees, Mad Season, and Skin Yard) has been positively chatty.  What is Mike working on?

  • An unnamed Jimi Hendrix song with Martin, recorded by Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin producer Eddie Kramer, for an unnamed project
  • An "instrumental soundscape album" which sounds a little like a score, but it's not clear
  • A guest spot on Walking Paper's upcoming second album
  • The release of Locomotive, the first single from the upcoming reissue of Mad Season's Above (which by the way, has some brief samples on Amazon)
And ... in case you missed it ...