Friday, February 15, 2013

TSIS Review: Picture in a Frame

It was 2010 when Jennifer Sando had what she calls an epiphany.  A photographer in Adelaide, she was struck with the determination to photograph Eddie Vedder.

You might even remember our original reporting of her campaign, daily photographs leading up to Eddie's 2011 appearance in her hometown, meant as a plea to Eddie, "let me photograph you."

As it turns out, Jennifer was successful.  Prior to Ed's show, she was invited to Thebarton Theatre for a private photography session with Ed, afterwards, she brought the journey to her fans in a book, entitled Picture in a Frame.

Picture in a Frame is a book that documents the journey.  It is a thank you to the fans that carried her campaign all the way to her goal.  Here, her whole campaign is laid out in tribute to those that love Pearl Jam as much as she does.  They vary from the sentimental (fans with souvenirs, a father and son, a couple on their wedding day) to the whimsical (Scrabble pieces arranged in a tribute, a smiley face on a leaf) to the strange (a friend with "Ed" written on her head in cupcake frosting).  

The book simultaneously tells the story of a journey and pays homage to Eddie and those that love him.  It does so beautifully, with photographs stitched together with minimal narration by Jennifer.  In the end, that's all that's needed.  Jennifer's pictures carry you with her, all the way to the frame.

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