Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mike on Shameless and Upcoming Soundtrack for Free Ride

At the tail end of his interview with The Rob in Chile, Mike McCready dropped a little news about two other projects he has worked on.

The first was an episode of Shameless that aired last month.  The episode, called Frank the Plumber, aired on March 17th.
Yeah, if you listen, there some stuff that’s the standard stuff, but they threw some of my stuff throughout it. One of the specific scenes is when he was breaking up with the blonde girl. I can’t remember her name right now. You can hear some stuff on that, ... some weird mood stuff and psychedelic guitar. I just had a great meeting with Ann Kline and the people from Shameless. They were super nice to me and super receptive to ideas. Any time I can do that kinda stuff, it’s a happy thing. 
I think I have something else coming up soon, but I’m not sure. I hope I can do more of that.
The second is a track for the upcoming movie directed by Shana Sosin [Betz] called Free Ride.
I’m just gonna throw out there is one more thing that’s in the works that Barrett [Martin] and I and Stone [Gossard] actually played on and that’s a movie called Free Ride by Shana Sosin and Brandy Carlisle sang on that track. So we’re hoping that that movie gets picked up and does some stuff. I’m very excited about it and Anna Paquin is in it.