Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stone Talks to Spin Magazine

Stone talked to Spin Magazine about his recording process and what it took to pull together his friends (and daughter) to create his sophomore effort, which Spin describes as a sidewinding, psychedelic smattering of material that, whether it's cycling between left-field folk, gospel, and rock'n'roll, has audible ties to his work as chief songwriter on Pearl Jam's early, career-defining LPs.

It's not clear whether Stone considers the album to be artistic expression or just some random twiddling on his guitar.

"At the heart of it," he says, "the things I was attracted to then are still the same things I'm attracted to now: oddball riffs that strike my ear as being different, wanting anything to be as cool as 'Down on the Street' by the Stooges or some Jimmy Page riff. I feel shockingly the same. But I think that I was focused much less on lyrics then. Now I'm fascinated by how a lyric can really impact a song."
You can read the whole interview at spin.com.