Monday, June 17, 2013

Podcast: Evil Little Goats

If you're like me, you still haven't gotten over the loss of All That's Sacred or the All Encompassing Trip call in show, but now we have some good news.  Travis Hay, the Pearl Jam aficionado at Guerrilla Candy, has recently started recording a regular Pearl Jam podcast called Evil Little Goats.
It’s no secret that I’m a Pearl Jam fan. It’s something I try not to hide on Guerrilla Candy. I report on Pearl Jam news, write about Pearl Jam side projects, interview band members, post photos from Pearl Jam-related events and sometimes I even share some critical thoughts about the band (gasp!). In fact, a few years back I almost created a specific Pearl Jam hub page for Guerrilla Candy, but instead I opted to create Pearl Jamblr, a Tumblr dedicated to Pearl Jam that I have neglected quite a bit.

Having all that knowledge, it should come to no surprise that I recently got together with my friend Jeremy from The Sibling Rivalry to create what we’re calling Evil Little Goats, an unofficial Pearl Jam fan podcast (named after this song). Evil Little Goats is a podcast by Pearl Jam fans for Pearl Jam fans and our purpose is to share our passion for Pearl Jam with other fans, discuss our opinions about the band and openly talk about the good, bad and ugly aspects of Pearl Jam fandom.
You can check it out here or below.  There are currently two episodes in the can, and it appears as though it'll be a weekly thing.  Nothing on iTunes yet, but that may be on the way.

Episode One: Podcast Ledbetter

Episode Two: Mind Your Manners