Monday, June 17, 2013

Steve Gleason Leaks Some of Album #10's Publicity Plan

In what is surely a sign that we're getting very close to Pearl Jam's tenth album, friend of the band, Steve Gleason told Sports Illustrated that he is one of four people who will be interviewing Pearl Jam about their upcoming album and the creative process for the creation of what sounds like an electronic press kit (EPK).
I will be interviewing Pearl Jam to discuss their forthcoming album, which is their 10th. The band chose four people they were excited about talking to -- and being interviewed by -- for a series of recorded and filmed discussions focused on the creative process. Somehow I ended up being one of them. Which meant I got to hear some music off the new album. It's sweet, by the way.
Who will be interviewers 2-4?  Remember that Vine video by Joseph Arthur that teased some of Vedder's voice?  How about the tweet by Damon Stewart hinting that he'd heard something? In truth, no one knows yet, but stay tuned.

With a single rumored for July, we're still holding out hope for a late summer/early fall release followed by a tour ending in New Orleans the first weekend of November.