Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cheer on the Cubs with Eddie Vedder

Yeah, so you've probably heard ... Eddie Vedder is a Cubs fan.  Tonight the Cubs have started their series against the Mets to *gasp* win the pennant!?  You may have even heard that Eddie Vedder has sworn off October touring, but it's a weak threat given that Pearl Jam only tours in October about 2 out of every 4 years.  This year, only if the Cubs make it to game 7 of the World Series will Pearl Jam's current schedule get in the way.

Still, y'know, he's excited.  He wants you to be too.  The Ten Club is taking pre-orders for Eddie Vedder/Cubs shirts this week.

Act quick!  The pre-sale only lasts until October 23rd.  Shirts are $30 plus $6 domestic S&H.  No guarantees you'll be wearing it to root for the Cubs in the World Series.