Saturday, December 12, 2015

Live Chat Update

What did we learn from Pearl Jam's live twitter chat with Kelly Curtis?  Well, first we learned the Jeff Ament was waiting in the wings to help.  Other than that, not a lot that we didn't already know.  Our Forum user, Bird in Hell, did a great job of summing up the non-news.  Lots to be excited about.  Not a lot to actually know.

  • tour dates will definitely be announced in early 2016
  • there's something also being planned around the band's 25th anniversary
  • Jeff's currently digging through his boxed stuff from the mid 90s for the No Code/Yield reissue but it's nowhere near ready yet
  • the band selects the Vault releases and have a shortlist they're working from right now for future releases
  • they haven't been recording any new material in the studio lately
  • no plans at all for releasing the studio version of Of The Earth
  • Matt Cameron plays fast because he's the best drummer on the planet.


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