Monday, December 28, 2015

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2015: #10-8

With only ten tour dates and no studio releases, this was a quiet year for Pearl Jam.  After two years of touring in support of Lightning Bolt, we expected a quiet year as the band members spent some well-earned time with their families recharging.  Still, we've dug up a few things to look back on. 

To complicate matters, we're bad at deadlines, so here are your Top Ten Pearl Jam moments of 2015 three at a time!

#10 Judd Apatow's Sick in the Head

Technicalities put this into the 2015 list.  Judd Apatow interviewed Ed in the lead up to Lightning Bolt's release as part of some promotional videos, but we got that interview as well as interviews with other band members and the band as a whole in piecemeal chunks.

This year, Judd Apatow release Sick in the Head, a book that compiles interviews he's had with comedians throughout his career.  Ed, though not a comedian, earned a spot by being a kindred soul to Apatow and having a career trajectory that is not indifferent from your average comedian.

If you missed reading it, head to your local library or pick up a copy at Amazon with your Christmas cash.

#9 Comfortably Numb

Being fans of a band that only releases an album ever 5 or so years, means not getting a chance to see a lot of songs debut in concert.  That was even more noticeable this year with so few concert dates.  That's why Pearl Jam's first ever live performance of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb during the encore in Porto Alegre made this year's list.

#8 An Homage to Eagles of Death Metal

After terrorists left 89 dead in an attack at the Paris show by Eagles of Death Metal, the music community rallied in support of the band and their fans.  Pearl Jam were no exception.  They covered Eagles of Death Metal's song, Want You So Hard, at their Belo Horizonte show on November 20th (and for the remainder of the tour.

... and dedicated John Lennon's Imagine to the band and their fans at their Rio de Janeiro show.

Earlier this month, Pearl Jam even produced a single including their Rio performance of Want You So Hard and a Matt Cameron cover of another Eagles of Death Metal song, I Love You All the Time.  You can get that single as a digital download or pre-order a 7" vinyl right now.