Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2015, #1

The 2016 Tour "Announcement"

Pearl Jam is almost certainly touring the Eastern USA next year ... almost ... certainly.  Maybe?

As is often the case for our Top Ten lists, the most exciting Pearl Jam news this year was something that didn't even happen.  It was a question, a debate, that lit the fanbase of fire and drove us all nuts!  

So what's the story?  Word is, Pearl Jam was going to release some tour dates in November.  They even told us to make sure our Ten Club information was up to date, a dead giveaway that dates are coming.  Lexington Center even went so far as to update their sign.

Then ....


Nothing.  The guys over at AlternativeNation know's a Ticketmaster employee's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate who leaked a list of dates and promise of a January announcement.

4/8 Ft Lauderdale
4/9 Miami
4/11 Tampa
4/13 Jacksonville
4/15 Atlanta 
4/16 Nashville
4/18 Columbia SC
4/20 Charlotte
4/21 Raleigh
4/23 Lexington
4/26 Pittsburgh
4/28&29 Philly
5/1&2 NYC
5/5 Buffalo
5/6 Albany or Hartford
5/8 Quebec
5/10 Ottawa
5/11 Montreal
5/13&14 Toronto

Questions abounded at Kelly Curtis's live twitter chat, but all answers were vague and noncommittal.

As the year wraps to a close, none of this has quieted down.  Apparently Pearl Jam cancelled on the Bridgestone Arena so they can play Bonnaroo.  Just TODAY, I saw a tweet that they're heading back to Europe!

What's true?  Who knows, but we're excited!  Pearl Jam's monthly newsletter comes on on the 10th.  Maybe we won't have to wait much longer.