Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All That's Sacred, Episode #22

Episode #22 is now available.

Not a whole lot of new news to report and so we are going to take the opportunity to get caught up on some awesome listener requests on episode#22. I make mention of it on the podcast, but I also wanted to reiterate my gratitude here to all of you for your incredible suggestions for the upcoming Philly and rant episodes. I’ve gotten a HUGE response and as a result, I think we are going to have to do 2 episodes dedicated to the 4 night stand in Philly! 

Next week on #23, we are featuring music from past Camden, NJ performances (almost Philly). Then the following week on episode #24, we will feature requests from past Philadelphia performances with the podcast falling right in the middle of the run to close the doors on the Spectrum. Considering the significance of the occasion and considering how Pearl Jam wrapped the western leg of the tour, it’s sure to be an epic event! I hope the podcast can help amp the lucky ones in some small way.

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