Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zack Newman: Superfan

I can't really figure out why Pearl Jam is only just now turning us onto Zack Newman at SPIN Earth.  He appears to have followed the full 2009 tour through the US thus far.  Maybe they did, and I'm too tired to find the evidence.  Still ... the video blog is here for you to enjoy.

Zack will be trading tickets for rides, places to stay and other necessities... like food.

So if you see him, make sure to say "hi!". And for the first time, we're inviting all you PJ fanatics to contribute directly to the feature by uploading your photos, video and analysis. In the end, they just may be seen by the grunge godfathers themselves. Tour starts soon, so grow your hair out, clean up your tattoos, button up your flannel, and be sure to watch the above video for the scoop on Pearl Jam's newest album Backspacer.