Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All That's Sacred, Episode #24

Episode #24 is now available.

Well, to say that the guys are off to a promising start would be an understatement. Last night in Philly, Ed intimated that they intended to play every song they know over the 4 night stand to close the Spectrum -- and judging from the soundcheck and set list, he just might have been serious!

To help put a little wind in their sails, episode #24 features listener-requested material from a couple past Philly shows. As is demonstrated, there have been more than a few memorable Pearl Jam highlights in the City of Brotherly Love and this week promises to eclipse them all!

To everyone at the shows, have a blast and know that those of us unable to be there are living through you vicariously so keep the details coming.

See you again next week where we highlight some of Ed’s best rants over the years.

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