Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All That's Sacred, Episode #23

Episode #23 is now available.

As promised, on episode #23 we are playing listener-suggested songs from past Camden, NJ shows to gear up for this 4 night stand in Philly. Seeing as how there is not too much going on this week, I decided to take this episode off from the commentary. Most of the song suggestions didn't come with any stories or memories and once I started putting it together, it just felt natural to make it a sonic snapshot of the band's Camden performances since 2000. So it's bit like a live mixed tape and I actually thought it came together pretty well -- very reminiscent of what we did on #10. Thanks to all of you who wrote me recently – especially with these Philly and Camden suggestions!

On #24 next week, we’ll be revisiting those Philly tracks as Pearl Jam will be right in the middle of their epic run to close the Spectrum. Also, don’t forget we have episode #25 after that dedicated to some of Ed’s better rants over the years accompanied with some aggressive live music. I’ve got a growing list but if you have anything to contribute for either of those shows, please shoot me an email or message me on Facebook or Twitter.

Let the Philly party begin! Sure wish I could be there with you all. Take care of your neighbors and have a blast!

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