Friday, May 20, 2011


Gremmie.Net has just announced that they will now be offering the All Encompassing Trip archive as a podcast.  No longer will I be staying up until midnight hoping that it gets posted on MegaUpload or some such nonsense.  It has been submitted to Apple, but for now there are instructions on Grem's site for adding the podcast manually.
For some time now we’ve been including archives of the AET show on gremmie radio. Typically, new episodes will join gremmie radio within hours of AET radio broadcast. At the behest of many gremmies, and the tremendous help of one awesome gremmie: @jaswah, we have now made available an iTunes-compatible podcast feed of Pearl Jam Radio’s All Encompassing Trip archives. We’re calling it “Sirius/XM Pearl Jam Radio’s All Encompassing Trip Fan Roundtable presented by gremmiedotnet for iTunes”, or “SXPJRAETFRGDNFIT” for short.