Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Floodgates Open on the Malfunkshun DVD

Details are starting to roll in about the new boxed set for Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story, directed by Scott Barbour.  Right now, the price is at $35.29 on Amazon (USA).  The movie's website doesn't have the box up for purchase yet, but their merchandise section is coming soon.

There is also a new Malfunkshun single on the market, Mirror of Guilt.  It can be picked up for 75 cents at Wammybox Records.

Below at the details about the boxed set released by


The DVD was authored by Scot Barbour and its design maintains the aesthetic feel that Andrew Wood created himself. The menus are made up of unique graphics designed specifically and solely for the DVD, as well as sound bites to personalize the experience as Andrew often did with his own recordings, writings and artwork. Although the depth of its design will be most appreciated by those that know and love Andy, there are surprises for everyone to enjoy …


‘Malfunkshun – The Andrew Wood Story’ The long awaited Documentary of Andrew Wood, singer/songwriter for the legendary Seattle bands Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone. The film was first viewed by family and friends in Seattle in 2000 in its initial 2.5 hour runtime. It was then cut down to a 1 hour 45 minute version that was screened in Film Festivals in 2005. Since then the film has undergone a tighter edit, updated and re-created graphic effects, and a new audio mix for official release.


Malfunkshun Live: Three songs from three different performances by Malfunkshun recorded live.
Mother Love Bone Live: A previously unreleased live performance of Stardog Champion performed by Mother Love Bone.
Mother Love Bone Behind the Scenes: Several extremely rare videos of Mother Love Bone behind the scenes. All of these videos were recorded only a few weeks and some even only days before Andy departed.


Several extremely rare videos of Andrew Wood behind the scenes. These are added content to some of what was used in the film. .
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The album is comprised of never before released, intimate tracks by Andrew Wood. The songs have been carefully selected from hundreds of recordings recovered during the making of the film, and have been painstakingly restored and re-mastered from their original cassettes and condition.

All songs were recorded by Andrew Wood himself and they span his entire career from the early days alone in Landrew’s Lovenest (his bedroom at home), to the house he shared with Chris Cornell when his career began to take off, and on to the apartment he shared with Xana in the end.

Intercut between the songs are recordings of Andrew speaking as Landrew the Lovechild. The choice to include Andy’s dialog between tracks stems from the spirit of how Andy often recorded and released his own original cassettes.

The song Cool Marmalade is the last song Andrew Wood ever wrote and recorded, only weeks before his death.

The final track on the album is a song written and performed by Chris Cornell and recorded by Andrew Wood. Although Chris and Andy would record each other performing often, this single track is the only existing recording from the two of these artists together in any means.
Melodies and Dreams Soundtrack
1. Landrew (Intro)
2. To Praise Its Name
3. Landrew (Back From Olympus)
4. My Star
5. Andy (About Stone)
6. Dream Come True
7. Straight Laced
8. Landrew (Reminiscing)
9. Forever On Stage
10. Sweet Sebastian
11. Landrew (Interview on KRAB)
12. Makes Me Feel Like Heaven
13. If I Was In Charge Of The World
14. Landrew (Flash Station ID)
15. Justa Blue Eyed
16. Landrew (About Movie)
17. Drop Your Bomb
18. Landrew (Floundersome Interview)
19. Question Of Will
20. This Time
21. Landrew (About Piano)
22. Until The Ocean (Instrumental)
23. Evening At The RH
24. Landrew (KCMU Interview)
25. Cool Marmalade
26. Landrew (KFA Station ID)
27. Paper Buy You Nothin
28. Landrew (Signing Off)
29. Lord I See
30. Chris Cornell (Living With Andy)
31. Island Of Summer - Chris Cornell

Originally released in 1995 by Stone Gossard and Regan Hagar on Loosegroove Records, the only official Malfunkshun album “Return to Olympus” has been out of print for many years. The album is being re-released as part of this boxed set, and includes the two Malfunkshun tracks from the Deep Six compilation as bonus material.
Return to Olympus Tracklist
1. Enter Landrew
2. My Only Fan
3. Mr Liberty (with morals)
4. Jezebel Woman
5. Shotgun Wedding
6. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
7. Until The Ocean
8. I Wanna Be Yo' Daddy
9. Winter Bites
10. Make Sweet Love
11. Region
12. Luxury Bed (The Rocketship Chair)
13. Exit Landrew
14. With Yo' Heart (Not Yo' Hands) (Bonus Track)
15. Stars-N-You (Bonus Track)