Thursday, June 23, 2011

Matt Cameron Speaks!

Mistress Carrie, DJ at WAAF in Boston, got a chance to interview Matt Cameron. The full 15 minute conversation can be heard on her blog.

Not a wealth of new information here, but a couple of interesting tidbits.

First, the new Soundgarden album was recorded in March, and the tracking is about 80% complete. He says there are plans to record more songs in August, and offers no real timetable for the album's release.

There have been rumors going around that Pearl Jam will play Boston's Fenway Park in early September. When asked about it Matt said it's a fun idea but the first time he heard about it.
He was also asked about every fanboy's wet dream: a Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/Temple Of The Dog tour. Matt says that would have been great when he was 25, but doesn't think he has the energy to pull it off these days.
One thing missing: She never asks about the new Pearl Jam album. C'mon Mistress, get with it.