Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Pearl Jam Sk8-Hi's by Vans

Vans has introduced two new pairs of kicks for those wishing to show off their allegiance to Pearl Jam as they're skating ... or just hanging out.  Price: $65 (that appears to be equivocal to other Vans shoes paying homage to musicians).

Here is what Vans had to say:

Pearl Jam is one of the great cornerstone bands of the ever-influential grunge movement. Since their first album, Ten, was released in 1991, they have proven to have the musical staying power only claimed by rock and roll legends. The Vans x Pearl Jam Sk8-Hi collaboration is being released with a lot of pride because these musicians are also avid skate and surf enthusiasts, and longtime Vans supporters.


  1. it should be mentioned also that 10C is selling these too in the near future...maybe a 10C edition? (via Facebook)

  2. TSIS will not hold our breath.

  3. Really already it is something very common that vans does collaborations with groups of music, I am thinking about remembering misfist, iron maiden etc .. but in this case it is I begin with my favorite group, I like them mas in pictures