Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Studio via Smartphone and Twitter

Thanks to Mike, we know that Pearl Jam has been hammering out their new album.

Hi Brendan O'Brien!

Second from the left ... is that Matt?

But now that Eddie is, no doubt, preparing for his tour which kicks off next week, it looks like the guys (or Stone and Matt, at least) are stepping up the recording of their side projects.

@theeshawnsmith Workin with Stone and Regan in the studio. New rock glory!

"This is the best I could do. Regan already went home."

And we've been hearing blips out of Chris Cornell about the status of the new Soundgarden album. This week he told New Zealand Herald reporter, Scott Kara, that they're almost done.
@scottkara Just interviewed Chris Cornell. Nice chap. Still recording "sonic aggressive" new Soundgarden album but nearly ready he reckons.