Monday, August 6, 2012

Billy Corgan Says Something About Eddie Vedder ...

... we're not sure what it means.

Pearl Jam - 09.12.11 - Toronto, Canada
Corgan also compared the Pumpkins to grunge rock’s biggest ‘90s names, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, and said the Pumpkins “couldn’t survive” alongside those players. “[Smashing Pumpkins album] ‘Siamese Dream’ was made in the (environment) that we couldn’t survive and succeed in a world with Soundgarden or Pearl Jam,” Corgan explained to NZherald. “My voice was too weird; the band was too weird. You guys aren’t going to do it. 
“The first line on ‘Siamese Dream’ is, ‘Freak out and give in, doesn’t matter what you believe in’. I’m saying it right from the beginning, it’s like, ‘It doesn’t matter what happens because you’re living an illusion.’” 
Corgan went on to say that anyone who believes “Eddie Vedder was that person and Kurt Cobain was that person and Trent Reznor was that person, is a lie. They were parts of those people, but they weren’t the people they were projecting them to be. When you get picked out in a line in school and you’re the weird one, I’m the weird one, and I’m still here.”
So, is Eddie too mainstream?  Hasn't suffered enough?  I'm not sure, but hey, Billy ... he's still here too.


  1. he's got a very high opinion of himself...saw them in Dublin in 2008, very very disappointing, he didn't talk to the crowd until the very end of the gig and he said something kinda big headed if I remember correctly...Jimmy Chamberlin rescued the gig for me, he was unbelievable! they were a great band but their last album sucked, they'll never compare to Pearl Jam in terms of live performances and consistently great albums

  2. He barely makes any sense in that article, he's always been a horses ass.

    Hey Kelly Curtis or Members of Pearl Jam whoever decides this stuff please can I get a tour down south... Once a decade is bull!$&@

  3. poor billy.
    lots of years ago he was complaining that britney ruined it all thus SP had to break up, now this. hilarious.
    weird, this corgan.

  4. I like Willie's music, but dude, he has got to get over himself. So he was the only "REAL" person who came out of 90's alt. rock? He never put on an act?
    I'm sure he didn't wear that stupid "ZERO" shirt in every photo op so he wouldn't
    be able to sell the same exact shirt at his shows. Does he not remember that?