Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pearl Jam To Play Yet Another Corporate Event

In 2002 Eddie Vedder and C-Average played a private birthday party for Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks. In 2010 Pearl Jam played Target's annual Manager's Meeting. Today, we receive word that the trend will continue when Pearl Jam plays the Oracle Appreciation Event along with Kings of Leon on October 3rd.

At least this one is open to the public. To attend the event, which is sure to feature all sorts of conferences and forums that will showcase the great products from the fine people at Oracle, all you have to do is register here. Oh yeah, and you'll have to shell out more than two grand.

Ok, so the birthday party in 2002 can be explained away as a private party for a friend. His friend happens to be the CEO of RealNetworks, but at least they became good friends while working on behalf of the West Memphis Three. And the Target event in 2010 was after a distribution deal for their self released album, Backspacer. Oh yeah, it was just through one of those big box stores that is so helpful to local economies. The Oracle Appreciation Event may be open to the public but it's certainly prohibitively expensive for most of Pearl Jam's fans. It just seems a little backwards coming from the band that in the past would force venues to remove corporate advertisements before they'd take the stage. Sponsored by no one? That seems like a lifetime ago.

August 14th, 3:30pm EDT edits: The $75 ticket for this conference will not get you into the Pearl Jam show. For that you'll need the OpenWorld package that is currently selling for $2395. Also, I had stated that the Target event was in 2009 in Seattle when in fact it was 2010 in Minneapolis. I had confused it with the video shoot for The Fixer. My bad.