Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pearl Jam Releases Their Christmas Single ON CHRISTMAS!

Fans have been known to give Pearl Jam grief over the timing of their Fan Club Single (previously known as the Christmas Single).  They used to be a nice holiday treat from the band, but fans eventually began to view them as an entitlement delivered as much as nine months too late.

No more!

Ten Club members can check their Subscriptions section for a download of the 2012 Fan Club Single.  Two recordings from the 2011 Pearl Jam Twenty Destination Weekend in East Troy, Wisconsin.

A: All Night (featuring Glen Hansard, Liam Finn, and Joseph Arthur) recorded September 4th, 2011
B: In the Moonlight (featuring Josh Homme) recorded September 3rd, 2011

Is this a tease of things to come in 2013?  If so, 2013 will definitely not be < 2012!