Saturday, December 22, 2012

Soundgarden B-Sides?

Could Soundgarden be working on an album of B-Sides?  Kim Thayil tells Hails and Horns "yes."  Oh, and maybe a compilation of soundtrack and single releases.  Oh, and maybe an album of covers too.
We never put out the B-sides because we went from Telephantasm to Live on I-5 then we started recording the new album. So the B-sides compilation has been put on hold. We want it to be a standalone album of Soundgarden originals that were not compiled in an album format. It might be two or three albums. There’s one that would be originals that were only available on compilation records for other labels or movie soundtracks, or B-sides in Australia and Europe. We also want to do an album of some covers that we’ve recorded. Then I want to do an album of some instrumental stuff and some dub mixes.