Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2012, #5


We'd like to feature Pearl Jam's new website on the list, but the changes were maybe not substantial enough, and frankly, the site is still in "Beta," so it's apparently a work in progress.  However, the changes to brought something great along with them!  Vault Release #2: The Vic Theatre show from 2007.  This was also the first vault release available to all fans.  You'll remember in 2011, when then opened the vault, the first installment was only available to PJ20 attendees.

This change also brought a change in bootleg management from Kufala to the larger Nugs, who has handled Phish's live catalog for some time.  With this change has come a significant delay (2 months +) between shows and release of the bootlegs, but by all accounts, the sound quality is as good as Pearl Jam bootlegs have ever been, so fans are forgiving.

Also, with the release of their show in Missoula on bootleg, Pearl Jam has instituted an "Instant Classic" program, in which the band can designate certain shows to sell for a limited time for only $5.  You've missed your chance to pick up the Montana show for $5, but you can still get it at or you can pick up hard copies at Rockin' Rudy's in Missoula.

Here's to hoping we see more great vault releases in 2013!