Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2012, #7


If there was a theme to 2013 for the Pearl Jam fan, it was "we might put out an album."  Even though that didn't come to pass, it gave the individual members of Pearl Jam a chance to work with friends on some of their other projects.  Stone Gossard was the first out of the gate with his band, Brad, fronted by Shawn Smith of Satchel and Pigeonhed.

In April, Brad released, United We Stand, their first album in two-years (the shortest gap between albums to date), and then took off on a national tour.  With Pearl Jam still meandering their way to a new album, Brad has also announced their first European tour ever starting in February.

Along with the announcement of a new album, Brad also announced that they were signing with a new label, Razor & Tie, who would be re-issuing special editions of their back catalog, the first of which became available earlier this year.  Welcome to Discovery Park, the long out-of-print third album was the first to drop, probably because fans had nowhere outside of eBay to get that album.  The reissue includes two bonus tracks and re-designed artwork by Regan Hagar.  If this is any indication, we're going to really enjoy all of the Brad re-issues.