Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pearl Jam Release Video for Sirens

Apparently bumping up the release because of a fairly widespread leak, Pearl Jam released their official single and video for Sirens, the second single from their upcoming album, Lightning Bolt.

Ten Club members who ordered Lightning Bolt can head to their account section to download a digital file of their choice (instructions are here).  Presumably others will be able to purchase it soon.
"Sirens" Video Credits:
Director: Danny Clinch
Producer: Lindha Narvaez
DP: Vance Burberry
Editor: Dom Whitworth
Color: Samuel Gursky
Production Company: Milkt Films

"Sirens" Song Credits:
Words: Eddie Vedder
Music: Mike McCready

You can also check out a great Mike McCready interview with Triple M to hear what it was like to write Sirens.