Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reviews of Lightning Bolt Begin

Billboard.com's Jessica Letkemann (who wrote this dynamite Wrigley retrospective) published a preview of Lightning Bolt with some great quotes by Brendan O'Brien like:
Eddie Vedder "sings his ass off on this record," particularly on "Sirens," which he calls "one of the best songs they've ever written."

He adds that "Sirens" and another album track, "Infallible," are both "very melodic and beautiful songs."
But the real treat today, was that some fans in Berlin got to actually hear Lightning Bolt in its entirety.  Not to steal Stip's reviewing thunder, but here is a sampling of what they had to say.
I loved Pendulum. I picture Ed in a dark and moody room, like in a club, but the feeling is very lonely.  Eds voice is very soft and extremely in front of the music (you actually can understand the lyrics very well). The lyrics are very dark.
"my shadow left me long ago"
"understand where we d(w)on't go"
"this may pass"
"this may last"
"It's really dark and kind of trippy." 
It's a fun and ironic rock'n'roll song. It's really catchy and easy to listen to but I think it will get boring after time, at least for me.  It has a break shortly before the end & then more solo guitar and instrumental music for about 20 seconds til the end.
SLEEPING BY MYSELFIt's similar to the Uke version, it's more folky, in the direction of Mumford&Sons. With vocal harmonies from the band.  There are louder instrumental parts between the choruses, then the music gets in the background, Eds voice to front & back again.
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