Monday, September 23, 2013

Pearl Jam Twenty Returning to Theaters

Pearl Jam has announced that their documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, will be returning to theaters in limited release with exclusive, Lightning Bolt material and performances.  Scheduled screenings (which roughly coincide with concert dates) are below, but the Ten Club also gives instructions for requesting a screening for your area, even if it's not scheduled.
Pearl Jam is teaming up with Gathr to bring Pearl Jam Twenty to theaters in select cities in the U.S.

Experience Pearl Jam Twenty in a theater. Watch it again or view it for the first time if you missed the original theatrical release. At these select screenings, before the original film, Pearl Jam will bring you a special feature that includes interviews and live performances of songs from their forthcoming album Lightning Bolt.

Also with your ticket purchase Pearl Jam and Gathr will send you a free digital bootleg download from a select show after the 2013 North American Tour.

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  • Pittsburgh,PA - October 10
  • Buffalo,NY - October 10
  • Millbury,MA - October 14
  • Brooklyn,NY - October 15
  • Philadelphia,PA - October 17
  • West Hartford,CT - October 23
  • Baltimore,MD - October 24
  • Charlotte,NC - October 24
  • Dallas,TX - November 13
  • Oklahoma City,OK - November 14
  • Phoenix,AZ - November 14
  • San Diego,CA - November 20
  • Beverly Hills,CA - November 21
  • Oakland,CA - November 21
  • Portland,OR - November 27