Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mike McCready Joins Tuatara For New Album, Underworld

Barrett Martin dropped the news on Facebook that that his instrumental band, Tuatara, is releasing their seventh album, Underworld, this summer.  The band's line-up now includes Mike McCready, but as you can tell from the video above, the project is nothing at all like Pearl Jam.
Hey Folks, Barrett Martin has just finished producing the forthcoming album from Tuatara, the renowned instrumental group which features Pearl Jam/Mad Season guitarist Mike McCready, Barrett, saxophone virtuoso Skerik, and REM guitarist Peter Buck. Their new double album (!) is titled, “Underworld,” and it has a song in a new short film from underwater filmmaker Drew Alston. Drew is a contributor to Google Ocean, and he uses the Tuatara song “She Dreams Of Snow” for his short film about ocean conservancy. His film, “Save Your Planet Everyday", will debut on June 8th at the Reef Renaissance Film Festival on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, but you can preview it here first!
According to Amazon, the album releases August 5th.  The tracklisting is below.

1. Calling The Spirits 
2. Ghosts Of The City 
3. Dueling Shamans 
4. Streetwalkin' 
5. The Spider Pimp 
6. She Dreams Of Snow 
7. Gremlin Chain Gang 
8. The Hard Swing 
9. Even Demons Fall In Love 
10. Enchantment 
11. Descension 
12. At The Crossroads 
13. Bass Beat Blues 
14. The Skelton Getdown 
15. Snakecharmer 
16. The Creeper 
17. El Brujo 
18. Lost In Shinjuku 
19. Bonfires On The Avenue 
20. The Realm of Shades