Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pearl Jam Mystery Box

Yesterday, Pearl Jam announced that they would be clearing out inventory with some pretty cool mystery boxes.  We apologize for being late to the game, which means they're currently sold out, but the website does say "stay tuned."  If you're keeping an eye out, know that there is a men's box and a women's box (for the clothing included, and yes, you choose your size when you purchase).  Here's the rest of the fun:
Each box will contain a MINIMUM OF: (2) Posters , (2) Soft Goods (shirts/hoodies/shorts/jackets/hats,etc), (1) Bootleg Cd, (5) Stickers and sweet odds and sods.

Items pictured are sample items. Each box is maded to order and each box will have different item.

Due to size and weight, U.S. members only.
Given the value of Pearl Jam posters and clothing, this is surely worth more than their charging. Keep checking the website, and jump on them when they become available again.

Oh!  And if you need something now, Pearl Jam put out some new t-shirt designs to celebrate the spring season.