Friday, May 9, 2014

Soundgarden Documentary in the Works

Banger Films has announced that Director Reginald Harkema will begin work this summer on a Soundgarden documentary. Though filming will begin while Matt Cameron is not touring with Soundgarden, he will no doubt play prominently in the film.
The film is set to focus on the entirety of the band’s career, from their early days in the Seattle club scene, through to their breakup in the 90’s, and their return with 2012’s King Animal release.

“We’re going to concentrate on [the 90’s] era mostly,” reveals Harkema. “It’ll probably be like 70-75% mid-80’s to the breakup, and then catch up on the reunion and the present day. We’d like to shoot some big special concert, and maybe use that as a structural spine. We’re going to shoot all the interviews so they’re more on-camera, so you can kind of get the emotion in the faces. There’s a lot of stuff that they went through, and a lot of stuff that they [shrug off], that I think we can dig deep underneath, and get back to how they felt emotionally at the time.”