Saturday, December 30, 2017

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2017, #1

The Hall of Fame Induction

Usually, a single show wouldn't stand out as the greatest moment of the year, but in 2017, this was it.  Pearl Jam played ONE show.  With Pearl Jam not planning on taking a stage until March, this also creates the longest gap between Pearl Jam shows since 2010-11.  Oh man, were we desperate for live music.

And Pearl Jam deli ... OK, they didn't REALLY deliver.  Pearl Jam played 4 songs.  One song for each year we've been waiting for a new album.  Yeah, I'm sure the Rock Hall dictates how long you can play, but still.  2017 marks the least number of live Pearl Jam songs played in their history.

Those of us in the U.S., we're settling in for a drought, but Europe ... 2018 is your year!