Thursday, December 28, 2017

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2017, #2

All The Singles Things

Fans of the movie Singles were pretty amped up two years ago when the movie was reissued in 2015 with a Record Store Day release of Citizen Dick's Touch Me, I'm Dick single on vinyl, but the rumors of a full soundtrack reissue fell through.

This year, Cameron Crowe made up for the slight.  In April, we got a reissue of the Singles soundtrack on vinyl and a Super Deluxe edition on CD which included a second disc loaded with 18 new tracks, including one Singles Blues 1, a track written and performed by Mike McCready.  That album was paired with a Record Store Day release of Pearl Jam's State of Love and Trust / Breath 7".

Then, later this year, in November, the Poncier demos, five tracks recorded by Chris Cornell during the filming of the movie were released on collectible color-variant 12" vinyls and cassettes.  It made a sad but fitting tribute to our lost friend.

Each individual item may have made our list, but put together, they are pushed near the top of our 2017 list, as we pile them all together and love each piece of this collection.