Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2017, #5

The Avocado Remix

Sure, we discussed the reissues already, but none of the material reissued this year made quite the same splash as the remix of Pearl Jam's eponymous album, otherwise known as Avocado.  Avocado was Pearl Jam's first foray into recording without a contract, named because this album was truly them.

From the start, fans balked at what they called the brickwalling of the album, which came out at a time when many artists were pushing the volume to eleven and drowning out subtler sounds by pushing all tracks all the way up.

Everyone was very hopeful that the album would fix that, and when some fans noticed that Spotify was hosting a new mix that highlighted many of the under-appreciated, softer moments of the album, there was hope.  Once the album started arriving on doorstops, some claimed that the remix was not much better than the original, and definitely less impressive than what was now called the Spotify Mix.  All of this, was complicated by the fact that no one knew where the Spotify Mix came from, and no one could compare it to a lossless digital format, since the band doesn't make any of their reissues available as CDs or FLAC files.

So, what was the end result?  Fighting, arguing, and zero consensus.  This was easily, the most contested minutia on or board for the last three months.  If you love Pearl Jam (the album OR the band) you'll probably want to complete your collection with a vinyl remix, or at the very least, go hunt down some FLAC files of the Spotify Mix.  If Pearl Jam doesn't give you a digital format, Pearl Jam fans will.