Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2017, #8

Last year, we were underwhelmed by the reissuing of No Code and Yield.  A couple of things makes this year's announcement a little more newsworthy, so ...

The Remasters

Binaural and Riot Act, long since out-of-print and hard to find, have been remastered and reissued by the Ten Club.  Pearl Jam (Avocado), which fans have complained about for year, got a remix by Brendan O'Brien.  There is much, MUCH debate about whether the new mix is better, worse, or even different.  Fans have even ripped the songs from Spotify, which is said to be a different, superior mix.  We encourage you to pick up some albums at Ten Club or on Amazon to determine for yourself.

More?  How about reissues of all the vinyl singles from those albums, including two, never-before-released-on-vinyl singles, and a reissue of the original mix of Ten?

More? How about a limited edition of 500 boxed sets that include all 10 Pearl Jam studio albums?

Pearl Jam did manage to release a lot of great reissues this year.  However, in all that reissuing, there are no unreleased demos and songs.  Being that this is a bunch of cleaned up versions of stuff we already own, there are a lot more cool things that happened this year.