Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Lost Dogs: 1995-2002


Another fruitful period for the band. Many of the outtakes were released as b-sides or fanclubsingles. Most would eventually end up on Lost Dogs. But not all, Leatherman or Happy When Im Crying for instance. At one time Eddie mentioned there is also a song called Leatherman II. 

 That night I was inspired to write not one but two songs about the man (the second, not so creatively titled “Leatherman II” was never released…definitely the more somber of the two).

Besides Leatherman II also a song called Weatherman is proven by this still. 

In 1995 they played their famed non-ticketmaster tour. They did debut some tracks that would later end up on the Merkinball EP or the No Code album. However, one track ‘Falling Down’ was never released. A live version of this song was released on a fanclubsingle instead. A studio version must exist somewhere…


In the pre-production process for Lost Dogs the following disc was going around:

Anything in between’ was a great (although incomplete) outtake from Binaural. And ‘Sunburn’ a lovely tune with Stone Gossard on vocals (No Code era). At the same time an haunting spoken-word track leaked to the internet (possible also considered for Lost Dogs). Fans would name this I’m still here. Another track that was played live is 'Last Soldier'. Once again this was only released as a live performance on a fanclubsingle.