Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Lost Dogs: 2003-2004



Lost Dogs was released in November. Maybe it was a contractual obligation. And yes, maybe they did some questionable re-recordings or edits. But overall, the record was a welcome gift to the fans. Some fan favorites were collected on a PJ record for the first time. Favorites like: ‘Alone’, ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ or ‘Hard to Imagine’. It also contained about 12 songs that were released for the first time ever. Some of these grew to new fan favorites. ‘All Night’, ‘Sad’, ‘Education’, ‘Hold On, or ‘Fatal’ are just some examples of great songs that were left of their intended album. The weird thing about ‘Lost Dogs’ is that it’s not complete. The following tracks were not included upon its release:  State of Love and Trust, Breath, I got Shit, Long Road, Angel, Leatherman, Last Soldier*, Out of my mind*, Happy When Im Crying, Falling Down*, Sunburn, Brother, Just A Girl, I’m Still here. 

Or the following covers: Wishing well, I’ve got a Feeling, Touch me I’m Sick, Sonic Reducer, Crazy Mary.

It just shows how many great tracks this band had released. And how many they had kept in the vault. Make you wonder what’s still in the vault after the release of Lost Dogs.

And what about that artwork?? In the Lost Dogs artwork, you can read titles like: Smoke ring, The Big word, The Morning Song (confirmed as: In Hiding), No cursing, Your Face (confirmed as: All Those yesterdays) . However, these songs could be incomplete instrumentals, or just renamed later.

In 2004 their recording contract with Sony ended. They got signed for 7 records and 2 compilation records. They ended their record by releasing their second compilation record and first hits package ‘Rearviewmirror 1991-2003’. Included were some stand-alone singles like: ‘State of Love and Trust, Breath, I Got Shit and Man of the Hour.