Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Perhaps it’s time for Lost Dogs 2.

Lost Dogs was released in 2003, halfway in their now 30 year career. It collected the outtakes, b-sides. It was their ‘odds & sodds’ record. Some fan favorites were collected on a PJ record for the first time. Favorites like: ‘Alone’, ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ or ‘Hard to Imagine’. It also contained about 12 songs that were released for the first time ever. Some of these grew to new fan favorites. ‘All night’, ‘Hold On’ or ‘Sad’ have proven to be a highlight in any live show. Some fans would even say that this collection of bastard songs is their favorite Pearl Jam release. Almost all of these songs remain a rare sight in any Pearl Jam show. However we can’t underestimate the importance of these rare sightings to most of the loyal fans. Hearing a song like ‘Education’ or ‘Strangest tribe’ will be the highlight for both the fan who went to his 25th show as well as the newer fan.

Upon release in 2003 some of their rarities didn’t even make the cut. Probably because they had too many. This could have been released as a triple disc instead a double! Since then even more stand-alone tracks and fanclubsingles have been released. And it’s most likely that the band has recorded more songs that have yet to be released. Some of these songs leaked to the internet in inferior quality. Some of these even got played live several times.

Perhaps it’s time for Lost Dogs II! Pearl Jam should once more open their vault

Hereby we present almost everything we know about the unreleased Pearl Jam tracks. No speculations, just observations and facts. All presented in chronological order.