Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Whole Wide World - Richard Stuverud and Jeff Ament

Long time Jeff Ament friend and contributor, Richard Stuverud (Three Fish, RNDM), has released a new single, inspired by his son, with Jeff called Whole Wide World.  You can listen to the song and buy a digital copy for a dollar here.

Back in 2008, as I was reflecting on what it meant to be a father looking at my 2yr old son, full of joy, with wonderment and awe, this song came to me almost out of a dream. Inspired by a heart shaped stuffy toy that repeated the words "I Love You" when squeezed, which also happened to make Alexander laugh, I thought why not build a song around this universal theme? With most of the pre K days at home, it was non stop creative activities from reading, painting, playing drums and ukulele. I naturally dove right into writing kid songs with the idea of jamming them right along with Alexander as the ultimate fun activity.

As this was all happening, I got a call from Jeff Ament and was requested to join him in Montana at his studio to track drums for his solo record (Tone 2008). In between tracking drums I was able to also track a few of my works in progress, one of which was this song. I laid down guitar, vocals and drums while Jeff was out running a few errands. Upon his return, he recorded his bass part in one take. A couple of Nord synth tracks later, we had a nice 2 minute 30 second power pop number!

I had shelved this tune as I wasn't quite sure about actually making a kid's record. I would jokingly make comments along the way which was "My kid will be in college by the time I actually put this thing out." (As of this writing my kid, now a teenager, will be going into Highschool next year!) So I figured I better at least release a digital single asap!

And now here it is! Whether it sounds like a song for a kid's record or not, the message of love is clear. And for the parents out there wondering where the time has gone, here is a song that captures those early precious days. I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks goes to Cathrine Veikos for the encouragement and love and to my son Alexander who IS the Whole Wide World and more to me!
Music & Lyrics by Richard Stuverud
Prabhujee Music Ascap 2021

released March 5, 2021
Jeff Ament-Bass
Richard Stuverud-Vocals, Guitars, Nord Synth, Drums

Recorded by Brett Eliason @ Horseback Court Studios, Missoula, Mt, 2008
Mixed By Christopher Reece-Daddio @ Donut Time Audio, Oakland, Ca
Produced by Richard Stuverud
Graphics by Dimitri Mavra

Cover photo by Richard Stuverud with Alexander @ The Oakland Museum Of California