Friday, March 13, 2009

10 From Ten

The 10 From Ten Radio Sampler is out there.  Your local radio station has no excuse for not rocking some tunes from the Ten Reissue.  Here is the tracklisting courtesy of

1. Brother (Clean Edit /Previously Unreleased)
2. Just A Girl (Previously Unreleased)
3. Once ('08 Mix/Edit)
4. Why Go ('08 Mix/Clean Edit)
5. Garden ('08 Mix)
6. Black (Unplugged)
7. Porch (Unplugged)
8. Jeremy (Unplugged)
9. Alive (Live from Drop In The Park)
10. State Of Love And Trust (Live from Drop In The Park)

It's not 100% clear if "08 Mix" refers to the Brendan O'Brien mix of a track or the remastered original track.  My educated guess would say that they're the Brendan O'Brien mixes.