Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ten Club Clean Up Request

Have you checked your inbox?

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Date: Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 8:40 PM
Subject: Ten Club Cleans for Spring!

Time to roll up your sleeves, Ten Club is gearing up for an early Spring Cleaning and we need your help!

As you all know by now Ten Club updated the website back in December making the site more user interactive and streamlined.  Now you only have to login to one account to use both the message board and also to access your membership account.

However, some of you old message pit users have multiple accounts floating around out there cluttering up the database.  Let us clean them up and merge them all into one account to avoid future confusion when it comes to placing orders, looking up membership info, making posts on the message board... and more importantly TICKET SALES!

You just never know when Ten Club is gonna announce the next ticket sale or other members-only promotions and events.  So it is important to use this time now to get those accounts cleaned up!

For those of you who know you have both an old message pit account open and also a membership account please click on this link below and fill out the form as best you can and we will merge them together for you.

Thanks for lending a hand!


Tour coming soon?!