Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pearl Jam Q+A in the Daily Record

Scottish newspaper, Daily Record, recently featured a great Q+A session with Pearl Jam (apparently sans Ed).  It's great to get thoughts from Mike, Jeff, Stone, and Matt about the Reissue, the early days, and even favorite songs.  It even includes this little tidbit about a Cameron Crowe retrospective movie planned for 2011.

Q: The Super deluxe Ten reissue package contains all sorts of extra goodies, including Eddies original demo tape, a DVD of your MTV Unplugged session, a new remix of Ten by Brendan OBrien, notebooks and vinyl versions. How did it come about?
Jeff: Sonys been asking us to do it for a long time but Kelly our manager has had the idea to do a 20 year anniversary retrospective movie so hes been on board with [film director] Cameron Crowe for the last few years.  He presented the idea to us of reissuing some of these records leading up to that and I was really excited about doing Ten. 

It's really a dynamite read for die hard fans.  I highly recommend checking it out.