Friday, March 20, 2009

Dave Krusen Looking Back at Pearl Jam's Ten

This may not be new to everyone, but it was to me.  Of course, Ed, Stone, Mike, Jeff, and Matt are hitting the promotional circuit to hype the Ten Reissue, but even Dave Krusen is getting into the mix with this recent interview posted on Vater Percussion's website.

Some exerpts:
How many tracks in total were recorded for the "Ten" session?
Whoa, not sure. A LOT!!! I do remember the 2" tapes we had finished, lined up against the wall. It stretched on for quite a ways. Maybe 20, 25 songs all together. Maybe more.

Are there any songs recorded in the session that have never been released or surfaced on another Pearl Jam record?
Lost Dogs (released in 2002) has some great stuff from that session that hadn't seen the light of day. "Brother", the song being released as a new single as part of the re-issue of Ten, is on there without vocals. There's the Mudhoney tune we did, ("Touch me I'm sick"), a Free song, a Beatles tune. It's cool now to hear how we interacted musically. It was pretty damn cool!

What have you been up to lately musically?
Lately I've been keeping busy with several different projects. I've been recording and playing live with The Kings Royal, Puppies And Kittens, Toy Robot, Shelby, Ida Maria, La La La Birdtime as well as a couple things still under wraps. Also, my nine year old son Jagger, (who also uses only Vater sticks), has been shredding some serious stuff on the drums. Keep an eye out for him!